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Statements on Uta Dirks

"Her tapestries are pieces of colour art suggesting a sense for aesthetics, sensitivity and critical reflection on her personal experience. In a mind-boggling beautiful combination of perls and varying shades of blue, Uta Dirks has woven pictures of the earth as they might present themselves to the eyes of an astronaut. Made of wool, partly embroidered, her tapestries are more than textile decoration. Comments on Uta Dirks' works like this one are to be found in newspapers such as the ' Landshuter Zeitung ' and the ' Mittelbayerische Zeitung ' ; her works were also the subject of programmes of the Bavarian Radio (+ Television) which referred to them as "fascinating tapestries in full earthy colours - magic blanket" as they occur in Andersens's fairy tales under which one would like to lie and dream."

She is a master in her domain; one must


admire her ability to reproduce impressions of her environment with wool and colour.

For "Uta Dirks is in every respect up to the objectives of art, i.e. to reveal what is concealed, to perceive movements and vibrations of the present and the future and to transform them into creative work, to creative work, to create timeless and expressive documents ( textilkunst international, Hannover 1987 ) Affectionate admiration, high esteem, and the acclaim of experts is shown to her in media of the most different standpoints.Having dwelled on the fields of the activity and the ablities of the artist, I would like to add the following: Here we can see a graphical force that - apart from mere craft - displays by her distribution of light and colour, her compositions and her choreographic use of pace exactly those features which have always made tapestry a truly majestic art.

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